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Examples of our tools:
Network Presence Assessments-what’s the current state?

  • Identify and prioritize your most important business networks.
  • Determine the breadth and depth of your online connections, how you show up, your reputation, and how relevant and valuable your current connections are.
  • Measure how easily people find you.
  • Once they have found you, how coherent and persuasive is your online story. What do people see when the visit your site and what they remember? How is it tied to your strategy and objectives?
  • Define what they should be

Action Plans (Imaginarium)-what to do and how to do it

  • Define what could be/should be/ will be to communicate your message, engage your network and extend your reach
  • Design your network presence

Presence Improvement Practices (PIP)
A network presence is built by design or by default. To change where are you on the scale (from accidental to predicting what the web can deliver for you next quarter) you need to develop certain practices. PIP helps you institutionalize this process and develop the capability in-house.

1. ad-hoc: at best, you do what others do or what your technology guru suggests
2. defined: you prioritize options and pick the few that you thing are right for you
3. measured: you do pre-post comparisons and redesign what you are doing
4. repeatable: you can create more than 1 success in more than 1 medium
5. predictable: you can count on the return you are generating from your online efforts

Find your level. Improve your network presence. Define practical, testable improvements.


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