Understanding Facebook Groups in Business: Invitation to Participate in a Study

With Facebook everywhere my colleagues Jenny Ambrozek and Victoria Axelrod and I are planning a study that explores the questions “Do Facebook Groups support business development?” and “How do Facebook Groups create business value, or not?”

Our interest in the dynamics of Facebook Groups for business began in the 21st Century Organization Facebook Group where we've been watching it's evolution. As we see Facebook inspired social networking, and sharing, platforms wending their ways into enterprises, it makes sense to see what we might learn from business focused Facebook Groups today. Our study plan is simple, exploratory, and involves:

  1. Assembling a group of 10 business focused Facebook Groups.
  2. Tracking activity between 15 Nov 2007 and 15 Feb 2008 using a common measurements form.
  3. Co-producing a report.

We have a more detailed study overview to share with anyone interested in joining.

We’re very grateful to Jeffrey Keefer for helping us refine our study approach. Also to Niki Lambropoulos, a PhD candidate at the University of London, for research methodology advice. Both have joined the project team as advisors.

We're also delighted to announce that Dave Duarte, based in Capetown South Africa, hosts our first study group. His Huddlemind Labs Facebook Group will be participating.

Now we are seeking 8 other Facebook Group owners as curious as we are about the business potential of Facebook. We look forward to answering questions about our study approach and filling the remaining study participant slots ready for our planned November 15 start. Let us know if you're interested.


~Bill Anderson for Jenny Ambrozek and Victoria Axelrod.

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