IDs: where do they lead ... ?

I've been noticing that I'm getting more and more behind on the online identity conversations, implementations, ruminations, and exploitations (?). But I try to keep track of what pops up on the weblogs of Mary Hodder and Kaliya Hamlin, for starters.

I was looking at the acronym "ID" and that triggered the following set of associations:

IDs = identifiers, could even be names, but seem to be more formal, as in "Show me your ID."

UIDs = unique ones of these ID thingys. These show up sometimes on software modules.

GUIDs = globally unique ID thingys. I've seen these being applied to globally identifying species, and again to software (where it's sometimes spelled UUID).

and this led me to yet another acronym:

FLUIDs = which I'm defining as familiar, famous, or favorite local, unique, identifier thingys. These, I think, are also known as names.

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