Join us for an "I Don't Know" Call August 23rd

After Nancy White posted this blog post, "Turning the Mirror Back to Me," I e-mailed her suggesting there is a lot in this “us/them” issue worth exploring. Maybe a telephone conversation? She said YES! Nancy's interested both from the facilitation perspective, and also because we suspect "us/them" is also a community indicator. (Yes, Nancy promises to say what she means .... Time, time, time!) I'm interested in ways we can improve individual and group experience and practice on-line and off.

Are you interested in this topic? If so, we’d like to invite you to join us. Here is our invitation:

Nancy White and Bill Anderson want to open a discussion about how we work with the “us/them” dynamic. We invite you to participate in a telephone conference call/conversation on Tuesday, 23 August, at 11AM PDT. Participation details are below.

The primary task of this conversation is to explore the question "How can we reflect on our experiences (blogging, working and meeting in groups, ...) without falling into the familiar 'us / them' patterns?"

The title of this phone call is "I Don't Know ..." because, well, we don't know the answers. We're looking for questions. And maybe some practices that can move us beyond generalized interpretations. We look at this as a conversation about possibilities.

Please let us know if you'd like to participate by emailing Nancy at nancyw at fullcirc dot com to get the phone number and passcode. This is just so we know about how many folks to expect.

Nancy and Bill

Telcon details
Date: Tuesday, August 23rd
Time: 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 7pm GMT
Please RSVP to Nancy to get the number
(Note: if you RSVP by commenting here and I can’t find a path back to your email, I won’t be able to send your request on to Nancy, and you won't have the phone number. So warned!)

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How did it go?

I'd like to have made time; this is a heck of
time of year for me with school (virtually) starting for me next week!