Attention! Is it merchandise? Do I have to have it?

Orcmid has some important comments and questions in response to Stowe Boyd's announcement about AttentionTrust. I finally caught up with both of these postings and I have to agree with Orcmid, this announcement is very weird indeed. I think he's absolutely right that it's difficult to trust people or organizations that remain anonymous.

But I'm still kinda confused trying to parse the announcement. Attention is something I have? I thought it was about a way of being in the world, a quality of "attending" to events and people. Sometimes I'm paying full attention to something, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm attending to several things at once.

Are we talking about quantifying and doling out this attendance? Maybe we could start by taking attendance online? Am I present? Absent? Or am I just hiding? Is attendance about presence?

This whole attention business requires some serious attention itself.

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Not unlike the parables: if you ain't a true believer, why do I have to explain it to you!

We all know what attention _ain't_!

But, in this context, what _is_ it?