It's monkey business all the way down

Many-to-Many: Two on the Monkey-Mind

Clay's posts on the Monkey-Mind raised two associations for me. The first made me think about our lived experiences in big groups, and it reminded me of Clay's description of our psychodynamic experiences in groups. Richard Seel provides a further description of anxiety and incompetence in the large group. I think we ignore the largely unconscious forces that inform our behaviors in groups. Gregory Narain's post on digital identities, with it's description of "projected" and "protected" identities, seems a case in point

The second Law of the Monkey post immediately resonated with the Buddhist concept of Monkey Mind.

Understanding how our minds work, and our unexamined group behaviors, can help us as we try to learn how to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate action in online groups.

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Thanks for the mention. For clarity, I'm guest blogging on GetReal and authored the Digital Identity post.

I was planning to add in a reference to Clay's post myself but haven't gotten around to it yet.

As a Buddhist, I appreciate the reference to the Monkey Mind.